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Latest pediatric nursing research topics

If you have chosen pediatric nursing as your area of specialty, you will be required to write a research paper to gauge how well you understand that field.  Various pediatric nursing research topics will assist you in narrowing down the best pediatric topic for your research paper.

There are numerous topics on which you can choose to focus your discussion.  Many students, however, struggle to find a topic with sufficient research material to earn them the highest possible grades.

This article contains topics on various pediatric nursing research topics that you can use for your paper or that will inspire you to find the best topic to write about.

What is pediatric nursing?

Practice nursing with children, youth, and their families in health promotion, restoration, and management is considered pediatric nursing.  Pediatric nursing is aimed at child care and the family’s well-being.

If this is your area of interest, your responsibilities will include emotional control, a love of children, good interaction skills, empathy, and stress management.  Given that this area is for nursing care for children and youth, you have a variety of topics to choose from for your nursing research paper.

Pediatric nursing research topics

Nursing is broad and requires you to have enough time to research your topic and find an interesting one.  This article will discuss what a research paper is, what to consider when choosing pediatric nursing research topics, and provide you with a list of potential research topics.

A pediatric nursing research paper usually shows that you can conduct research and that you have understood the topic of your chosen field.  Further, the paper helps you familiarize yourself with your area of specialization.

A research paper is essential in your studies and equally in your grade.  You will be required to complete this paper to graduate.  Therefore, you must choose a topic that will help you succeed.

How to choose pediatric nursing research topics

You must narrow your focus when researching pediatric nursing research topics paper.  Even within pediatrics, there are several areas you can choose to base your discussion on.  A significant problem is impossible to examine comprehensively.  To ensure that you have a unique and well-researched paper, solve a specific problem within your specialty.

Further, choose a current topic that has enough literature.  However, add new information to make standout and unique.  In pediatrics, areas such as neonatal, NICU, and PICU, among others, offer significant areas for research topics.  Since a research paper is crucial, ensure that the topic is:

  • Original
  • Relevant
  • Explorative
  • Interesting

Before you narrow down the topic you want to discuss, ask your professor for suggestions, ideas, and directions on how to make it more specific.  This will ensure that your paper is successful.

Pediatric Nursing research topics

As a pediatric nurse, you need to focus your research on topics within childhood nursing.  Examples of such topics include :

  1. Pediatric care ethics
  2. Tourette’s syndrome is caused in children
  3. Measles complications in children
  4. Development of pediatric cancer treatment
  5. Treatment of childhood malnutrition
  6. Diagnosis and treatment of childhood respiratory illnesses
  7. Malnutrition prevention in children
  8. Antibiotic resistance in children
  9. Antibiotic resistance in children
  10. ADHD treatment
  11. Pediatric care ethics
  12. Antibiotic effects on childhood immunity

Pediatric oncology research topics

  1. Communication difficulties in pediatric hematology
  2. Recent trends in pediatric oncology nursing
  3. Grieving among pediatric oncology nursing
  4. Work-related stress for pediatric oncology nurses
  5. Safety standards for pediatric oncology
  6. Emotional hazards for pediatric oncology nursing
  7. Burnout among pediatric oncology nurses
  8. Music therapy in pediatric oncology
  9. Cultural competence of pediatric oncology nurses
  10. Protocols for febrile pediatric oncology patients
  11. Education for families and patients of newly diagnosed pediatric oncology patients
  12. Psychological aspects of pediatric oncology
  13. Communication in palliative care and at the end of life
  14. Provision of comprehensive palliative care
  15. A comparison of previous and current surgical oncology nursing
  16. The response of the hematopoietic system during radiotherapy in oncology patients
  17. The effects of leukemia cells on the immune system
  18. Childhood acute leukemia
  19. Strategies to reduce the risk of blindness in children receiving oxygen therapy
  20. Cancer-related psychological issues in children and their families
  21. New approaches to improving childhood cancer treatment

Evidence-based practice in pediatric nursing topics

How do you determine that a new treatment is suitable for a child under your care?  Evidence-based practice is aimed at helping you answer this question when caring for your patient.  The evidence-based practice combines clinical experience and considering each patient’s values to determine the best practice for each situation.

Evidence-based practice follows these four steps:

  1. Asking a question
  2. Acquiring information
  3. Appraising the research
  4. Applying the findings

If you are looking for evidence-based topics for your pediatric nursing topics for a research paper, below are some examples to choose from:

  1. Using developmental characteristics to prepare children for procedures
  2. Family preparation
  3. General hygiene procedures
  4. Safety procedures
  5. Procedure positioning
  6. Specimen collection
  7. Medication administration procedures
  8. Blood administration procedures
  9. Interventions in end-of-life care
  10. Pain reduction in infants during minor procedures
  11. Infant intramuscular injections
  12. End-of-life pain management in pediatrics

 General Pediatric nursing topics

  1. Immunization
  2. Obesity, weight management, and healthy eating
  3. Diagnosis and management of asthma
  4. Diagnosis of autism
  5. Antibiotic resistance in preschool children
  6. Congenital heart disease
  7. Child psychiatry
  8. ADHD causes and treatment
  9. Adolescent medicine
  10. Pediatric dermatology
  11. Neonatal medicine
  12. Rare diseases
  13. Pediatric care nursing
  14. Speech disorders therapy
  15. Causes of seizures in infants

Neonatal pediatric nursing research topics

Neonatology is an area within pediatrics.  Development and evolution through technology and scientific advances have increased the survival of premature infants who require essential care.  Neonatal nursing is very demanding but also rewarding.

You will be required to care for newborn infants with health problems in the first days after birth.  You will have in your care babies with physical defects, infections, and other health problems that may require the infant to spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Neonatal nursing has robust topics such as understanding the fundamental biology of preterm births and their complications, testing new therapeutics in infants, and developing new knowledge on risks following poor outcomes in sick neonates.  Below are topics you can choose to write for your research paper on neonatal nursing in areas such as; pulmonary, neurology, genetics, cardiac, and general neonatal

Pediatric neonatal research topics

Check out this list of pediatric nursing research topics:

  1. The leading causes of childhood mortality
  2. Feeding issues and treatment
  3. Neonatal illness diagnosis
  4. Eating disorders in infants
  5. Postpartum infant care fundamentals
  6. Neonatal care in outlying areas
  7. Infant hygiene and skin care
  8. The significance of hand hygiene in neonatal units
  9. The origin of seizures in children
  10. Current neonatal practices
  11. The role of biomarkers in the diagnosis of infant traumatic brain injury
  12. The influence of maternal obesity on infant development
  13. Hormones involved in the development of the fetal lung
  14. Premature infants at risk of lung infections and diseases
  15. neonatal sepsis
  16. Drug use and infant neurological development

Pulmonary pediatric nursing research topics

Most emergency room emergencies are recorded to be from pediatric respiratory disorders.  It is, therefore, a\ requirement that nurses must have an understanding of the anatomy, diagnosis, and state-of-the-art treatment knowledge of pediatric respiratory diseases.

Below are topics in nursing care in pediatric respiratory disease that you are pediatric and choose for pediatric nursing research topics:

  1. Diagnosis of infant diaphragmatic hernia
  2. Children’s passive smoker syndrome
  3. The functions and structural characteristics of a newborn’s lung
  4. The significance of self-care nursing in pediatrics
  5. Vaccination characteristics in minors
  6. Therapy for speech disorders
  7. Diabetes caused in children
  8. Neonatal care in the first hour of life
  9. Neonatal care in the first hour of life
  10. Neonatal respiratory care
  11. Lowering neonatal mortality
  12. Underdevelopment of the fetus
  1. Neonatal pulmonary function testing
  2. Fetal development hormone regulation
  3. The role of inflammation in lung disease
  4. The role of inflammation in lung disease
  5. Congenital hernia and pulmonary lesions
  6. Neonatal nitric oxide inhalation
  7. Tracheal intubation factors in infants
  8. Tracheal intubation factors in infants
  9. Health consequences of childhood air pollution exposure
  10. Asthma monitoring techniques in children
  11. Asthma monitoring techniques in children

Neurology pediatric nursing research topics

Nursing care for pediatric neurosurgery patients involves caring for children with neurosurgical problems.  Presenting symptoms, findings on neurological examination, and history assist nurses in understanding the neurological disorder and identifying each problem.  Below are pediatric nursing research topics you can choose from neurological and pediatric nursing:

  1. Neonatal brain injuries 2. Causes of abnormal neurological development in children
  2. The effects of maternal drug use on neonatal development
  3. Spinal Bifida Management
  4. Neurodevelopmental results
  5. Inflammation’s effects on the neonatal brain
  6. Neonatal meningitis prevention and immunization
  7. Brain abscess causes and treatment
  8. Malformations of the brain
  9. Tumors of the central nervous system
  10. Cerebral palsy diagnosis
  11. Coma
  12. Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment
  13.  elevates intracranial pressure
  14. Hydrocephalus treatment
  1. Infant pain management
  2. Spina bifida
  3. Paraplegia
  4. Transitioning from pediatric to adult care
  5. Do oncological critical care units exist in hospitals?
  1. Achievements in neurosurgery in the twentieth century versus those in the twenty-first century
  2. Neonatal pulmonary disease
  3. Upper airway disorders
  4. Obstructive sleep apnea
  5. Acute respiratory issues
  6. Pediatric pulmonary physiology
  7. Stem cell applications in pediatric disease treatment

Genetics pediatric nursing research topics

  1. Neonatal gene therapy
  2. Biomarkers of neonatal sepsis
  3. Maternal obesity affects the fetus
  4. Tissue injury affects inflammation and fibrosis
  5. Surfactant protein processing
  6. Surfactant clinical trials
  7. Insulin resistance
  8. Gene regulation
  9. Mitochondrial biology
  10. Downs syndrome
  11. Edwards syndrome
  12. Fragile x syndrome
  13. Turners syndrome
  14. Tuberous sclerosis
  15. Ectodermal dysplasia
  16. Klippel Feil syndrome
  17. Achondroplasia
  18. Aarskog syndrome

cardiac pediatric nursing research topics

If you are training to be a cardiology nurse, you will be both the ears and eyes for the patient’s care.  You will focus on assessing the child’s heart and lungs as they work together in cardiac disease management.  Skills needed for this role include;

  1. Attention to detail for the health recorder and the patient
  2. Strong assessment skills of the patient
  3. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the heart
  4. Knowledge of the medications that affect cardiac function
  5. Cardiac rhythm problems management
  6. Early life exposures that cause heart problems

Below are pediatric nursing topics for research paper on cardiology in pediatric critical care nursing

  1. Congenital heart disease
  2. Atrial septic defects
  3. Ventricular septal defect
  4. Pulmonary hypertension
  5. Aortic stenosis
  6. Holter monitoring
  7. Tetralogy of Fallot
  8. Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease(RHD)
  9. Cardiovascular risks factors from obesity

Adolescent health and development nursing topics

As a nurse, you will often be the first to encounter the youth in various settings.  It can be in schools, college health centers, or hospitals.  You must recognize high-risk groups, provide health education and intervene.  These roles are essential in restoring stability among the youth and their families.

Adolescence is a difficult period for many families, and it is a precarious time for the youth because of the biological and physiological changes.  This stage in growth presents you with many topics to write for your research paper.

  1. The effect of nurse-assisted asthma health education in schools
  2. The first warning sign and the time of diagnosis in autism spectrum disorders
  3. Anorexia’s effects on cognitive function in children
  4. Language pattern analysis in autistic children
  5. Factors influencing physically disabled children and adolescents’ participation in after-school activities
  6. The Effects of a Long Hospital Stay on Children
  7. Factors Contributing to Adolescent Fatigue
  8. HIV prevention during adolescence
  9. Preventing unwanted adolescent
  10. Adolescent behavior analysis methods
  11. Strategies for dealing with adolescent aggression pregnancies
  12. Factors influencing early adolescent health literacy
  13. Early adolescent suicide screening
  14. Adolescent treatment adherence
  15. Diabetes health education for families with children who have type 1 diabetes
  16. Young people have mental health issues
  17. Childhood asthma adaptation
  18. Improving healthcare for HIV-positive adolescents
  19. Food allergy management in primary and secondary school
  20. Provide care for children with special needs
  21. Asthma self-management in the family
  22. Providing care for adolescents with cystic fibrosis
  23. Congenital heart disease children’s independence
  24. Psychological aspects of caring for children with congenital heart disease
  25. Adolescents with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Transition Readiness
  26. Adolescents with chronic conditions: care

Pediatric intensive care unit(PICU)

Critically ill children are unique and of high specialization.  The pediatric intensive care unit is essential in offering invaluable resources to critically ill children and young people.

Pediatric intensive care nursing explores issues specific to nursing practice in a specialist pediatric intensive care unit.  If you wish to write a research paper on PICU topics, below will guide you on specific pediatric nursing research topics to choose from:

  1. Care of critically ill children
  2. Resuscitation
  3. Care of a child suffering from a respiratory illness
  4. Cardiovascular disease in children
  5. Thermal injury care for a child
  6. Pediatric cancer patient care
  7. Transporting a critically ill child
  8. Bereavement care in the PICU
  9. Support for a PICU patient’s family
  10. Pain management in intensive care units
  11. Intensive care children’s safety

Perinatal pediatric nursing research topics

Perinatal nursing care involves caring for women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Perinatal nurses also care for infants from the beginning of pregnancy throughout the first month of the infant’s life.

As a perinatal nurse, you must help pregnant women throughout the pregnancy by educating them on how to take care of their unborn child and how to have a healthy pregnancy.  You will also work on labor and delivery units, antepartum and postpartum units in hospitals

In your career as a perinatal nurse, you will collaborate with obstetricians, perinatal nurse practitioners, and midwives on several occasions.  Perinatal nursing is broad, and there are many options for choosing the best pediatric nursing research topics:

  1. Pregnancy weight gain
  2. Substance use during pregnancy
  3. Mental health during pregnancy
  4. Breastfeeding
  5. Visitor interactions during childbirth
  6. Precautions when birth happens at home
  7. Beliefs about cord cutting
  8. Planned home birth
  9. Infant management during labor
  10. Delayed cord clamping during homebirth
  11. Advances in infants born management
  12. Maternal perinatal depression
  13. Perinatal mortality
  14. Perception of birthing place about childbirth risks
  15. Optimal cord clamping
  16. Comparison between waterbirth and hospital birth

Evidence-based practice nursing topics

  1. Economic implications of euthanasia
  2. Immigrant men’s health issues
  3. The opioid’s social consequences
  4. Nursing e-health adaptation
  5. Improving nursing diversity
  6. Women’s health
  7. Gender pay disparities in nursing
  8. Nutrition
  9. The significance of immunization during pregnancy
  10. Life-threatening conditions and emergency care
  11. Medication error reduction
  12. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in children
  13. Newborn care
  14. Surgical site infection prevention
  15. Vaccination coverage
  16. Preventing Delirium

Pediatric nursing dermatology research topics

Pediatric dermatology specializes in treating skin, hair, and nails.  You will encounter children and young people with various dermatological problems as a nurse interested in this area.  The diversity in this field provides you with many options for your research paper on pediatric dermatology nursing research topics:

  1. Childhood psoriasis
  2. Eczema causes and treatment
  3. Atopic dermatitis development in children
  4. Acquired nail disorders
  5. Causes of nail dystrophy and dermatophyte fungal infection
  6. Subungual hematoma: black nail discoloration as a result of an injury
  7. Congenital nail problems
  8. Contact dermatitis in children
  1. Burn treatment 10. Vitiligo management and treatment
  2. Pregnancy hair and skin changes
  3. Acne treatment and management
  4. Herpes zosters
  5. Scabies
  6. Birthmarks
  7. Vascular birthmarks

Pediatric cardiac nursing anesthetist research topics

As a cardiac nurse anesthetist, you care for children undergoing cardiac surgery and other cardiovascular procedures.  You get to meet your patient and their family before every procedure to explain what to expect during and after it.

Pediatric anesthesiology is at higher risk than adult anesthesia because of the difference in the children’s physiology.  There are many pediatric nursing research topics you can choose from if you wish to write your research paper on pediatric anesthesia :

  1. Blood loss evaluation in pediatric surgery
  2. Anesthesia for a child with MERREF syndrome
  3. The effects of general anesthesia on pulmonary function in cystic fibrosis children
  4. Patient safety resources for pediatric anesthesia
  5. Cardiovascular incidents
  6. Neurotoxicity
  7. Medication mistakes
  8. Obesity increases the risk of anesthesia complications.
  9. Sedation for non-operative room anesthesia
  10. Airway events
  11. flaws in communication
  12. Anesthesia and related diseases
  13. distinct features of pediatric anesthesia
  14. Pediatric vascular surgery techniques
  15. Stimulation of pediatric anesthesia
  16. Drug pharmacology in children

Lactation consultancy pediatric nursing research topics

You help women during, through, and during delivery as a nurse.  You will highly likely assist them through the breastfeeding process.  Breastfeeding or breast milk is crucial in providing nutrition necessary to aid the growth and development of a child and generate multiple benefits for both mother and child.

Breastfeeding or not to breastfeed is a somewhat debatable subject.  If this area interests you, you can opt to write a research paper on the various topics available:

  1. An approach to the breastfeeding process
  2. The similarities and differences between human and animal milk
  3. The Influence of Breastfeeding on Brain Development
  4. Breastfeeding assistance
  5. Breastfeeding and breast cancer risk reduction
  6. The Effects of Exclusive Breastfeeding
  7. The Obstacles to Exclusive Breastfeeding
  8. The First-Time Mother and Breastfeeding
  9. Breastfeeding exclusively for HIV-positive mothers
  10. The view of developed countries on exclusive breastfeeding
  11. Emotional experiences associated with teenage pregnancies and exclusive breastfeeding
  12. Nutrition and breastfeeding
  13. Effects of breastfeeding on intention to return to work

Pediatric radiology nursing research topics

You may find emerging topics interesting in this pediatric sub-specialty: acute bone fracture and joint imaging, fetal spine and airway imaging, and pediatric neurology.  If you are competitive and interested in this area, below are topics you can select for your pediatric nursing research topics

  1. Hyperactivity disorder risk calculator for very preterm infants
  2. Imaging of hydrocephalus
  3. Imaging for pulmonary infections
  4. MRI imaging
  5. Treatment planning for radiotherapy
  6. Potential health risks associated with pediatric imaging
  7. Central nervous system injury and neuroprotection

Pediatric orthopedics nursing research topics

An orthopedic nurse’s chances of crossing paths with an orthopedic patient are relatively strong.  You get the opportunity to help a child with extreme pain from an injury, trauma, long-term condition, or illness.

In this article, you will find different topics that you can choose for your research paper on pediatric orthopedics:

  1. Limb length deformity
  2. Spine deformity
  3. Growth plate disorders
  4. Treatment and management of Scoliosis
  5. Skeletal dysplasia
  6. Neuromuscular
  7. Pediatric joint disorders
  8. Obesity and weight management
  9. Exercise and sports medicine
  10. Pain management
  11. Relationship between stretching and athletic injury prevention
  12. Impact of music therapy on patient’s post-elective orthopedic surgery
  13. Recovery from hip and knee replacements
  14. Plantar fasciitis diagnosis and treatment
  15. Massage therapy
  16. Factors influencing post-total hip or knee replacement dischargePediatric rheumatology nursing research topics

Regarding the care of children or young people with rheumatic illnesses, you are responsible for caring for the patient and their families.  You inform the family n the need for hygiene while administering injections and the use of analgesic methods.

  1. The Zika virus
  2. Lyme disease treatment
  3. Pain control
  4.  Spinal disorders
  5. Fibromyalgia
  6. Lupus diagnosis and treatment
  1. Systemic lupus erythematosus in children
  2. Evaluation of health status and quality of life
  3. Pediatric rheumatology issues
  4. Immune system dysfunction and physiology

Pediatric surgical nursing topics

Children’s anatomical, emotional, physiological, and surgical conditions are unique compared to those of adults.  As a pediatric surgical nurse, you will not only b there for the patient and the family.

Perioperative care of pediatrics targets the specific condition that affects them, and detailed birth history, development, immunization, and medical conditions form part of the preoperative assessment.  Topics below are specific under pediatric surgery that you can discuss for your research paper.

  1. Surgery for anorectal malformation
  2. A retrospective examination of pancreatic operation in children
  3. Improved post-surgery recovery in children
  4. A review of contemporary surgical management
  5. Pancreas surgery with minimal invasiveness
  6. Pediatric achalasia management
  7. Suture-free closure
  8. The significance of tongue-tie in infants
  9. Diaphragmatic hernia
  10. Pediatric surgery in low-income areas
  11. Surgical outcomes of gastroschisis infants
  12. Surgical outcomes in infants with posterior urethral valves

Pediatric Topics in nursing

As a medical practitioner involved in pediatrics, you have the responsibility of taking care of a sick child.  You should protect them from dangers such as; congenital disabilities, perinatal injuries, infections, malnutrition, trauma, and violence, among other things.

As a pediatric nurse, the care and welfare of pediatric patients from fetal life through the perinatal and neonatal period, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, until the transitional age to adults will be your specialty area.  You will encounter various issues faced by sick children waiting for a solution.  Below are topics in pediatric nursing

  1. Genetic diseases
  2. Prenatal testing
  3. Prematurity
  4. Neonatal physiology
  5. Bullying
  6. Obesity in children
  7. Chronic conditions
  8. Sexual exploitation of homeless adolescents
  9. Abuse of prescription drugs
  10. Young people’s depression
  11. Child sexual abuse
  12.  Abdominal pain in children
  13. Adolescent alcoholism
  14. Abuse of children
  15. Suicidal tendencies in homeless adolescents
  16. Adolescent drug abuse among homeless youth
  17. Treatment of sexually abused children and adolescents
  18. Care for emotionally abused children and adolescents in nursing homes

Bottom line

Pediatric nursing is a broad field with various sub-specialties.  The diversity within this field of study presents you with many areas to choose from in pediatric nursing research topics for your paper.  What is crucial to note while narrowing down your topic is the availability of research material and your area of interest.

A good research paper is essential as it will determine success or failure in your grade, which will directly affect your graduation.  Choose a topic that you are passionate about and relevant to your study area.