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NRS 437V Week 4 Complete Assignment

NRS 437V Week 4 assignment Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma (Part One)


Refer to the “Collaborative Learning Community:

  • Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma” resource for the dilemmas and resources that will be used for this multi-part Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma assignment. Part ONE is an individual assignment that will also be used in Part TWO, the culminating paper.
  • For this individual assignment, interview a hospital administrator, a spiritual leader, a health care colleague, or a neighbor/friend. NRS 437V Week 3

In your interview, ask about the individual’s philosophy and worldview in relation to the ethical dilemma of your choosing, which was:

[[  Dilemma 3:

  • Voluntary/Assisted Euthanasia
  • Confronting Death: Who Chooses? Who Controls? A Dialogue between Dax Cowart and Robert Burt
  • The Terry Schiavo Documentary]]
  • Individually, you will need to interview all 4 (four) different individuals and perspectives to complete Part Three of the Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma assignment.
  • Make sure all roles are covered.
  • Craft a 250-500-word summary of the individual’s response, including the individual’s identified philosophy and worldview.
  • APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected