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Professional Career Goals Essays

Professional career goals 

Great, needs help with A typewritten essay, not to exceed 750 words, that responds to the following:

Discuss two (2) professional career goals, identifying how your professional experiences to date have prepared you for graduate study at Pace University and how the graduate program will assist you in meeting these goals.

Describe your plans to alter your professional and/or personal obligations to have the time needed for graduate study, including the required clinical experiences.

Identify one issue in the United States health care system and discuss the role of advanced nursing practice in addressing this issue.

Essays should be submitted in Times New Roman, 12-point font size, double spaced, with one-inch margins. Include your name and the title of your essay. Additional information regarding your academic performance or professional experience may also be included as a supplement. Professional career goals Essay



Professional career goals Essay Example

Two Professional Career Goals

Professional goals have been a significant source of motivation and a framework for measuring progress toward success. One of the professional goals is gaining expertise through increased knowledge, skills, and experience. Being an expert has always struck me as an effective and efficient way of providing excellent patient care. Professional career goals Essay

My professional experience includes nine years as a registered nurse at Bronxcare Health System. Being a part of the organization’s staff team has enhanced my clinical experience and led to the realization that advanced training is required to provide quality care to patients. The experience I gained at the organization, particularly the experience of working as part of a team, has improved my learning techniques, interpersonal skills, and thirst for knowledge. The experience has also resulted in developing valuable values and skills such as patience, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The values will help to promote educational training at the university level. The graduate program will allow me to expand my knowledge and skills in the medical field and reach my goal of becoming an expert.

The second professional goal is to improve the quality of patient care. I hope to have a greater impact on healthcare by improving healthcare services and patient care. My level of impact, including my level of leadership influence in the clinical setting, is determined by my educational level. With additional training, I hope to have a greater influence in the clinical setting, improving the quality of care and the experience of both patients and nurses. Professional career goals Essay

My experience working with a non-profit healthcare system has motivated me to improve my skills and knowledge based on firsthand knowledge of the challenges that patients and healthcare settings face. I am more interested in improving various aspects of the healthcare industry, such as increasing patient access and providing comprehensive care. Advanced nursing training will broaden my scope of practice in nursing, allowing me to implement efficient and effective solutions to healthcare-related challenges.

Plans to Alter Professional or Personal Obligations to Create Time for Graduate Study

Graduate school will be time-consuming in terms of attending classes, completing assignments, researching, participating in group discussions, and studying for exams. I plan to reduce the number of hours I work at Bronxcare Health System to devote more time to my studies. I intend to reduce the number of shifts and work overtime in the health organization. The change will free up more time for study-related activities while also ensuring that I gain the necessary clinical experience. Personal obligations are changing, which includes less time spent on household tasks. I intend to hire help to devote more time to academic activities. Another significant change is spending less time with family and friends, including time spent on recreational activities. I’ve already discussed the implications of pursuing graduate studies with family and friends, and they’ve all promised their full support. They support all the changes the graduate program will bring about in our relationships. I believe that the plans to change professional and personal time and the professional experience to date provide adequate preparation for graduate study. Professional career goals Essay.

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